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Excerpt Reveal: WE SHOULDN'T by VI KEELAND

Title (Naslov): We Shouldn't
Author (Avtor): #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Vi Keeland 
A Standalone Contemporary Romance (samostojna sodobna romantika)



Bennett Fox walked into my life on one hell of a crappy Monday morning. 

I was late for the first day at my new job—a job I’d now have to compete for even though I’d already worked eight years to earn it, because of an unexpected merger. 

While I lugged my belongings up to my new office, a meter maid wrote me a parking summons

She’d ticketed a long line of cars—except for the Audi parked in front of me, which happened to be the same make and model as mine. 

Annoyed, I decided to regift my ticket to the car that had evaded a fine.Chances were, the owner would pay it and be none the wiser. 

Except, I accidentally broke the windshield wiper while slipping the ticket onto the car’s window. 

Seriously, my day couldn’t get any worse. 

Things started to perk up when I ran into a gorgeous man in the elevator. We had one of those brief moments that only happened in movies. 

You know the deal…your body lights up, fireworks go off, and the air around you crackles with electricity. 

His heated stare left me flush when I stepped off the elevator. 

Maybe things here wouldn’t be so bad after all. 

Or so I thought. 

Until I walked into my new boss’s office and met my competition. 

The gorgeous man from the elevator was now my nemesis. His heated stare wasn’t because of any mutual attraction. It was because he’d saw me vandalize his car. And now he couldn’t wait to annihilate his rival.

There’s a fine line between love and hate—and we shouldn’t cross it. 

We shouldn’t—but straddling that line could be so much fun.

Bennett Fox je vkorakal v moje življenje na usrano ponedeljkovo jutro. 

Prvi dan svoje nove službe sem zamujala- službo za katero se moram potruditi zaradi neke združitve, čeprav si jo zaslužim že osem let.

Ko sem svoje osebne stvari tovorila v mojo novo pisarno, mi je radarka napisala parkirno kazen.

Popisala je celo vrsto avtomobilov- razen Audija parkiranega pred mano, ki je bil slučajno isti model kot moj.

Jezna sem se odločila podariti kazenski listek avtu, ki se ga je izognila. Tako bo plačal lastnik avta in ne jaz.

Ko sem listek zatikala za brisalec, sem tega po nesreči razbila.

Res moj dan ni mogel biti še bolj grozen.

Stvari so se začele izboljševati, ko sem stekla v čudovitega moškega v dvigalu. Imela sva tisti kratek trenutek, ki se zgodijo samo v filmu.

Veste kakšen je občutek...vaše telo postane topleje, iskrice letijo na vse strani in v zraku je posebna energija.

Ko sem stopila iz dvigala, me je gledal.

Mogoče pa stvari le ne bodo tako slabe.

Vsaj tako sem mislila.

Dokler nisem vstopila v pisarno svojega novega šefa in spoznala svojega nasprotnika.

Čudovit moški iz dvigala je bil moj novi sovražnik. Njegov pogled ni bil zaradi privlačnosti. Gledal me je, ker me je videl, da sem poškodovala njegov avto in zdaj komaj čaka, da me popolnoma premaga. 

Le en korak je od sovraštva do ljubezni - ne bi ga smela prehoditi.

Ne bi smela- vendar zna biti zelo zabavno.


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  It was the gorgeous guy I’d seen in the elevator. And here I thought we’d had a little spark. 
  Bennett Fox grinned like he’d already been named my boss and extended his hand. “Welcome to Foster Burnett.” 
  Ugh. He wasn’t just good looking; he knew it, too. 
  “That would be Foster, Burnett and Wren, as of a few weeks ago, right?” I iced my subtle reminder that this was now our place of employment with a smile, suddenly thankful my parents had made me wear braces until I was nearly sixteen. 
  “Of course.” My new nemesis smiled just as brightly. Apparently his parents had sprung for orthodontic care, too. 
  Bennett Fox was also tall. I once read an article that said the aver-age height of a man in the US was five-foot-nine-and-a-half inches; less than fifteen percent of men stood taller than six feet. Yet the average height of more than sixty-eight percent of Fortune 500 CEOs was over six feet. Subconsciously, we related size to power in more ways than just brawn. 
  Andrew was six foot two. I’d guess this guy was about the same. 
  Bennett pulled out the guest chair next to him. “Please, have a seat.” 
  Tall and with gentlemanly manners. I disliked him already.
  During the ensuing twenty-minute pep talk given by Jonas Stern—in which he attempted to convince us we weren’t vying for the same position, but instead forging the way as leaders of the now-largest ad agency in the United States—I stole glances at Bennett Fox. 
  Shoes: definitely expensive. Conservative, oxford in style, but with a modern edge of topstitching. Ferragamo would be my guess. Big feet, too. 
  Suit: dark navy, tailored to fit his tall, broad frame. The kind of un-derstated luxury that said he had money, but didn’t need to flaunt it to impress you. 
  He had one long leg casually crossed over the other knee, as if we were discussing the weather rather than being told everything we’d worked twelve hours a day, six days a week for was suddenly at risk of being in vain. 
  At one point, Jonas had said something we both agreed with, and we looked at each other, nodding. Given the opportunity for a closer inspection, my eyes roamed his handsome face. Strong jaw, daringly straight, perfect nose—the type of bone structure passed down from generation to generation that was better and more useful than any monetary inheritance. But his eyes were the showstopper: a deep, penetrating green that popped from his smooth, tanned skin. Those were currently staring right at me. 
  I looked away, returning my attention to Jonas. “So what happens at the end of the ninety-day integration period? Will there be two Creative Directors of West Coast Market-ing?” 
  Jonas looked back and forth between us and sighed. “No. But no one is going to lose his or her job. I was just about to tell Bennett the news. Rob Gatts announced he’ll be retiring in a few months. So there will be a position opening up for a creative director to replace him.” 
  I had no idea what that meant. But apparently Bennett did. 
  “So one of us gets shipped off to Dallas to replace Rob in the southwest region?” he asked. 
  Jonas’s face told me Bennett wouldn’t be happy about the prospect of heading to Texas. “Yes.” 
  All three of us let that sink in for a moment. The possibility of having to relocate to Texas shifted my mind back into gear, though. 
  “Who will make the decision?” I asked. “Because obviously you’ve been working with Bennett…” 
  Jonas shook his head and waved off what I was beginning to ques-tion. “Decisions like this—where two senior management positions are being merged into one of-fice—the board will oversee and make the final determination of who gets first pick.” 
  Bennett was just as confused as me. “The board members don’t work with us on a daily basis.” 
  “No, they don’t. So they’ve come up with a method of making their decision.” 
  “Which is?” 
  “It’ll be based on three major client pitches. You’ll both come up with campaigns on your own and present them. The clients will pick which they like best.” 
  Bennett looked rattled for the first time. His perfect composure and self-assuredness took a hit as he leaned forward and raked long fingers through his hair. 
  “You’ve got to be kidding me. More than ten years, and my job here comes down to a few pitches? I’ve landed half-a-billion dollars of ad accounts for this compa-ny.” 
  “I’m sorry, Bennett. I really am. But one of the conditions of the Wren merger was that due consideration be given to the Wren employees in positions that might be eliminated because of duplicity. The deal almost didn’t go through because Mrs. Wren was so in-sistent that she not sell her husband’s company, only to have the new organization strip away all of Wren’s hard-working employees.” 
  That made me smile. Mr. Wren was taking care of his employees even after he was gone. 
  “I’m up for the challenge.” I looked at Bennett, who was clearly pissed off. “May the best woman win.” 
  He scowled. “You mean man.”


VI KEELAND is a #1 New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author. With millions of books sold, her titles have appeared in over a hundred Bestseller lists and are currently translated in two dozen languages. She resides in New York with her husband and their three children where she is living out her own happily ever after with the boy she met at age six. 

VI KEELAND je ena izmed najbolj prodajanih pisateljic po svetu. Prodala je na milijone knjig. Njene knjige so se pojavile na stotih listah najbolj prodajanih knjig po svetu in so prevedene v več jezikov. Z možem in tremi otroki živi v New Yorku. Našla je svoj "Skupaj za vedno" s svojim možem, ki ga je spoznala pri šestih letih.

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Can't wait to read it! Komaj čakam, da jo preberem!
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Book Tour & Review: THE KISS THIEF by L.J. SHEN

Title (Naslov): The Kiss Thief
Author (Avtor): L.J. Shen

Publishing date (Datum izida): January 9th (9. januar)
Cover Designer (Oblikovanje naslovnice): Letitia Hasser at RBA Designs

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They say your first kiss should be earned. 
Mine was stolen by a devil in a masquerade mask under the black Chicago sky. 
They say the vows you take on your wedding day are sacred. 
Mine were broken before we left church. 
They say your heart only beats for one man. 
Mine split and bled for two rivals who fought for it until the bitter end. 
I was promised to Angelo Bandini, the heir to one of the most powerful families in the Chicago Outfit. 
Then taken by Senator Wolfe Keaton, who held my father’s sins over his head to force me into marriage. 
They say that all great love stories have a happy ending. 
I, Francesca Rossi, found myself erasing and rewriting mine until the very last chapter. 
One kiss. 
Two men. 
Three lives. 
Entwined together. 
And somewhere between these two men, I had to find my forever.

Pravijo, da si je treba prvi poljub zaslužiti.
Meni ga je ukradel hudič z masko pod črnim Chicago-vim nebom.
Pravijo, da so poročne zaobljube svete.
Moje so bile zlomljene še preden sva zapustila cerkev.
Pravijo, da tvoje srce bije samo za enega moškega.
Moj je bil in krvavel za dva tekmeca, ki sta se borila do konca.
Obljubljena sem bila Angelu Bandiniju, dediču ene najbolj vplivnih družin v Chicago Outfit.
Potem me je vzel senator Wolfe Keaton, ki je preganjal mojega očeta, da me je prisilil v zakon.
Pravijo, da imajo velike ljubezni srečen konec.
Jaz, Francesca Rossi sem našla sebe med brisanjem in pisanjem zadnjega poglavja.
En poljub.
Dva moška.
Tri življenja.
Prepleteni skupaj.
Nekje med tema dvema moškima, sem našla moj za vedno.


Originalen naslov: The Kiss Thief
Avtor: L.J. Shen
Prevod: /
Založba: Kindle edition (e-knjiga, ARC, 2019)
Ocena: 4,5 ★★★★
Kategorija: romantika (romance), new adult (novi odrasli), contemporary (sodobni roman)
Glavni liki: Francesca Rossi, Wolfe Keaton, Angelo Bandini

English review is on Goodreads!

Knjiga The Kiss Thief je nekaj posebnega. Že prve besede so me pritegnile in do konca nisem mogla nehat brat.  Tudi naslovnica je čudovita. Pisateljica je napovedala izid knjige že decembra in Instagram so preplavile njene slike. Povsod so pisali o njej. Bila je najbolj pričakovana romanca v januarju. Tudi mene je osvojila. Prostovoljno sem se javila, da preberem ARC (Advance Reader Copy) izdajo in ni mi žal. Ob tej neverjetni zgodbi med Francesco in Wolfom sem res uživala. 

Knjiga je sodobna romantika, vendar malo drugačna od običajnih. Gre za dogovorjeno poroko med starejšim moškim in devetnajstletnico. Na koncu doživita svoj srečen konec, vendar pot do tja je dolga... 
Francesca je princesa v Italijansko Ameriški družini. Je pogumno in močno dekle, čeprav ji je vse prepovedano, saj je vzgojena, da nadaljuje svoj rod. Hrepeni po svojem prijatelju iz otroških let, prepričana je, da se bo poročila z njim... Ali se bo res? Oče ima za njo druge načrte, ti pa prinesejo za seboj tudi skrivnosti.
Wolfe je krut pameten in seksi senator. Na vse načine se trudi maščevati svojo družino, ko mu načrte prekriža Francesca. Obvaruje jo pred njenim očetom.

Zgodbo spremljamo iz obeh perspektiv in z obema likoma sem se lepo poistovetila. Oba se bralcu prikupita s svojo življenjsko zgodbo. Tudi meni sta se. Knjiga je lahko berljiva in toliko napeta, da bralca priklene nase. Sama sem jo prebrala kar hitro. Priporočam jo vsem navdušencem romantičnih zgodb. L.J. Shen se je odlično odrezala in zagotovo bom še posegala po njenih knjigah.




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“Are you sure you’re on my card?” I turned to the man with a polite yet distant smile. I was still disoriented from the exchange with Angelo when the stranger pulled me against his hard body and pressed a possessive hand lower than socially acceptable on my back, a second from groping my butt.
“Answer me,” I hissed.
“My bid on your card was the highest,” he replied dryly.
“The bids are undisclosed. You don’t know how much other people have paid,” I kept my lips pursed to keep myself from yelling.
“I know it’s nowhere near the realm of what this dance is worth."
We began to waltz around the room as other couples were not only spinning and mingling but also stealing envious glances at us. Naked, raw ogles that told me that whomever the blonde he’d come to the masquerade with was, she wasn’t his wife. And that I might have been all the rage in The Outfit, but the rude man was in high demand, too.
I was stiff and cold in his arms, but he didn’t seem to notice—or mind. He knew how to waltz better than most men, but he was technical, and lacked warmth and Angelo’s playfulness.
“Nemesis.” He took me by surprise, his rapacious gaze stripping me bare. “Distributing glee and dealing misery. Seems at odds with the submissive girl who entertained Bishop and his horsey wife at the table."
I choked on my own saliva. Did he just call the governor’s wife horsey? And me submissive? I looked away, ignoring the addictive scent of his cologne, and the way his marble body felt against mine.
“Nemesis is my spirit animal. She was the one to lure Narcissus to a pool where he saw his own reflection and died of vanity. Pride is a terrible illness.” I flashed him a taunting smirk.
“Some of us could use catching it.” He bared his straight white teeth.
“Arrogance is a disease. Compassion is the cure. Most gods didn’t like Nemesis, but that’s because she had a backbone.
“Do you?” He arched a dark eyebrow.
“Do I…?” I blinked, the courteous grin on my face crumpling. He was even ruder when we were alone.
“Have a backbone,” he provided. He stared at me so boldly and intimately, it felt like he breathed fire into my soul. I wanted to step out of his touch and jump into a pool full of ice.
“Of course, I do,” I responded, my spine stiffening. “What’s with the manners? Were you raised by wild coyotes?"
“Give me an example,” he said, ignoring my quip. I was beginning to draw away from him, but he jerked me back into his arms. The glitzy ballroom distorted into a backdrop, and even though I was starting to notice that the man behind the demi-mask was unusually beautiful, the ugliness of his behavior was the only thing that stood out.
I am a warrior and a lady…and a sane person who can deal with this horrid man.
“I really like Angelo Bandini.” I dropped my voice, slicing my gaze from his eyes and toward the table where Angelo’s family had been seated. My father was sitting a few seats away, staring at us coldly, surrounded by Made Men who chatted away.
“And see, in my family, we have a tradition dating back ten generations. Prior to her wedding, a Rossi bride is to open a wooden chest—carved and made by a witch who lived in my ancestors’ Italian village—and read three notes written to her by the last Rossi girl to marry. It’s kind of a good luck charm mixed with a talisman and a bit of fortunetelling. I stole the chest tonight and opened one of the notes, all so I could rush fate. It said that tonight I was going to be kissed by the love of my life, and well…” I drew my lower lip into my mouth and sucked it, peering under my eyelashes at Angelo’s empty seat. The man stared at me stoically, as though I was a foreign film he couldn’t understand. “I’m going to kiss him tonight."
“That’s your backbone?"
“When I have an ambition, I go for it."
A conceited frown crinkled his mask, as if to say I was a complete and utter moron. I looked him straight in the eye. My father taught me that the best way to deal with men like him was to confront, not run. Because, this man? He’d chase.


L.J. SHEN is an International #1 best-selling author of Contemporary Romance and New Adult novels. She lives in Northern California with her husband, young son and chubby cat.
Before she’d settled down, L.J. (who thinks referring to herself in the third person is really silly, by the way) traveled the world, and collected friends from all across the globe. Friends who’d be happy to report that she is a rubbish companion, always forgets peoples’ birthdays and never sends Christmas cards.
She enjoys the simple things in life, like spending time with her family and friends, reading, HBO, Netflix and internet-stalking Stephen James. She reads between three to five books a week and firmly believes Crocs shoes and mullets should be outlawed.

L.J. SHEN je pisateljica sodobnih romanc in NA romanov, ki je prodajana po celem svetu. Živi v Severni Karolini s svojim možem, mladim sinom in mačko.
Preden je ustanovila L.J. (čeprav misli, da je pisanje v tretji osebi trapasto) je potovala po svetu in pridobivala prijatelje na vsaki lokaciji. Prijatelji z veseljem povedo, da je slaba spremljevalka, ki vedno pozabi prijateljeve rojstne dneve in nikoli ne pošilja božičnih voščilnic. 
Sama uživa v preprostih stvareh kot so preživljanje časa s svojo družino in prijatelji, branje, gledanje HBO in Netflix-a ter internetno zasledovanje Stephena Jamesa. Bere tri do pet knjig tedensko. Verjame, da bi morali čevlje Crocs in frizuro mullets prepovedati.

Connect with L.J. Shen (L.J. Shen lahko spremljate na njenih spletnih straneh): 

I highly recommend! Priporočam za branje!
Knjigoljubka Maja

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Title (Naslov): WHEN AUGUST ENDS
A Standalone Contemporary Romance Novel
(samostojen sodobni romantični roman)

Author (Avtor): New York Times, USA Today, and #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Penelope Ward
Genre (Kategorija): contemporary romance  (sodobna romantika)

Cover Information (informacije o naslovnici)
Cover designer (Oblikovanje naslovnice): Letitia Hasser, RBA designes
Cover Model (model na naslovnici): Joseph Cannata
Cover Photography (fotografija naslovnice): Adam Zivo

Publishing date (Datum izida): 2/25/2019 (25.2.2019)


What do you do when a sexy, older man moves into your family’s summer rental? 

Well, apparently, you make a fool of yourself—over and over. Things didn’t exactly get off on the right foot with Noah Cavallari. Our first encounter was embarrassing, to say the least. 

But despite that, I found myself waking up every day with a new-found energy. Nothing exciting ever happened on the lake—not until Noah moved into the small boathouse on our property. He’d booked it for the entire summer…and I was still trying to figure out why. 

When my mother became ill, I inherited the responsibility of making sure our guests were well taken care of. I should have been in college. Instead, I was living my best life…as a maid. 

Dark, handsome, and mysterious, everything about Noah screamed forbidden. 

I knew he was just passing through town for the summer. 

I knew he was probably too old for me. 

Yet, I was drawn to him. Not to mention, he tried to save my life when he mistakenly thought I was drowning. 

I wanted him and made no secret of it. 

His own attempts to warn me away soon gave way to late-night moonlight chats by the lake. We were slowly easing into a friendship that was gearing up to explode into something I might not recover from. 

Because he’s leaving at the end of the summer. 

And I have no idea what I’ll do when August ends.

Kaj bom naredila, ko se postaven starejši moški preseli v vašo družinsko počitniško hišo?

Očitno se maram osmešiti, vedno znova. Stvari z Noahom Cavallarijem ne grejo vedno po planu. Najino prvo srečanje je bilo sramotno.

Kljub temu sem vsak dan vstala s polno energije. Nič vznemirljivega se ni dogajalo ob jezeru, dokler se Noah ni naselil v hiško na našem posestvu. Rezerviral jo je za celo poletje... jaz pa sem se trudila ugotoviti zakaj.

Ko je moja mama zbolela, sem prevzela vso odgovornost in poskrbela, da so bili naši gostje v odlični oskrbi. Lahko bi šla študirati. Namesto tega pa sem si izbrala drugačno življenje...kot sobarica.

Temen, čeden in skrivnosten. Vse na Noahu mi je govorilo, da je prepovedan.

Vedela sem, da bo v mestu samo čez poletje.

Vedela sem, da je prestar zame.

Ampak sem se zagledala vanj. Da ne pozabim omeniti, kako se je trudil me rešiti, ko je mislil, da se utapljam.

Želela sem si ga in tega nisem skrivala.

Njegovi poskusi, da me odvrne od sebe, so kmalu izzveneli in se spremenili v pozne nočne pogovore ob jezeru. Počasi sva postajala prijatelja, katero je eksplodiralo v nekaj od česar ne bom okrevala.

Zato, ker bo konec poletja odšel.

Nimam ideje kaj bom počela, ko bo konec avgusta.


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Ward Pic

PENELOPE WARD is New York Times, USA Today, and #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling author of contemporary romance. 
She grew up in Boston with five older brothers and spent most of her twenties as a television news anchor. Penelope resides in Rhode Island with her husband, son, and beautiful daughter with autism. 
With over one-point-five million books sold, she is a twenty-time New York Times bestseller and the author of over twenty novels. 

PENELOPE WARD je ena izmed najbolj prodajanih pisateljic po svetu. 
Odraščala je v Bostonu skupaj s petimi brati. Svoja dvajseta leta je preživela na televiziji kot gostiteljica novic. Penelope stanuje na Rhode Islandu z možem, sinom in čudovito deklico z avtizmom. 
Prodala je 1,5 milijonov knjig in dvajsetkrat postala najbolj prodajana pisateljica po New York Timesu. Izdala je več kot dvajset romanov.


Find Penelope here (Penelope lahko najdete na družbenih omrežjih): 
FACEBOOK      FACEBOOK GROUP      TWITTER      INSTAGRAM (@penelopewardauthor)

What do you think about the cover? Kakšna se vam zdi naslovnica?
With love Knjigoljubka Maja

petek, 14. december 2018


Originalen naslov: Hopeless
Avtor: Colleen Hoover
Zbirka: Hopeless #1
Prevod: Moj brezupni fant
Založba: Mladinska knjiga 2012 (355 strani, trda vezava)
Prevedla: Neža Kralj
Ocena: 5 ★★★★★
Kategorija: sodobna romantika (contemporary romance), mladinski roman (young adult)
Glavni liki: Sky, Dean



Ko Sky spozna Deana Holderja, ve, da bi se temu fantu morala na daleč ogniti.

Dean je nepredvidljiv, neukrotljiv in samosvoj, predvsem pa nevarno lep. Dean je fant, o katerem kroži cel kup govoric, fant, o katerem sanjari vsaka punca. In Sky si ga že od prvega srečanja ne more in ne more izbiti iz glave. Ob njem izgubi ves nadzor... in čez nekaj časa se privlačnosti ne more več upirati.

Ampak Sky ne ve, da ima Dean skrivnost. In ne ve, da bodo - če jo kdaj izve - z njo na dan prišle tudi temne sence njene preteklosti.

Kako se soočiti z resnico, ko pa so laži tako sladke?


Že kar nekaj časa si želim prebrati knjige od pisateljice Colleen Hoover, saj jo vsi zelo hvalijo. Kupila sem si tri njene knjige in te kar stojijo na moji polici. Končno sem letos vzela v roke njeno knjigo, ki je prevedena v slovenščino. Knjiga Moj brezupni fant je čudovita. Zgodba je neverjetna. Pisateljičin stil unikaten. Naslovnica slovenske izdaje pa prelepa. Če knjige še niste prebrali, vam jo priporočam. Vzemite si čas in jo preberite. Jaz sem čisto padla notri in jo končala v enem dnevu. Enostavno je nisem mogla dati iz rok, dokler nisem prišla do konca.

Gre za mladinsko romantično zgodbo in to neverjetno zgodbo. To je več kot samo romantika. Ozadje zgodbe je tisto, ki me je pritegnilo. Ob določenih odlomkih kar nisem mogla verjeti, da se to res dogaja. Potem še glavna junaka, ki vse to povežeta. Sky in Dean sta ustvarjena drug za drugega. Dean se trudi obvarovati Sky. Pomaga ji tako z ljubeznijo kot razumevanjem tega življenja oziroma usode, ki jo je doletela. Dean je hitro osvojil moje srce in poslal "book boyfriend". Enostavno ga moraš vzljubiti.

Knjiga Moj brezupni fant je res čudovita. Colleen me je presenetila. Ni čudno, da jo vsi tako hvalijo. Zagotovo preberem še kakšno njeno knjigo. Sploh pa nadaljevanje tele, saj me zelo zanima kako se bo razpletla ljubezen med Sky in Deanom v nadaljevanju. Škoda, ker knjiga ni prevedena, ampak mene to ne bo oviralo pri branju. Če me bo Colleen tudi z ostalimi svojimi knjigami tako osvojila, bo nedvomno ena izmed mojih najljubših pisateljic.


COLLEEN HOOVER je najbolj prodajana pisateljica po svetu. Napisala je sedemnajst knjig, ki spadajo pod NA in YA sodobno romantiko. Knjige je izdajala tako v samozaložbi kot v založbi Atria Book.
Njeni romani Confess, It Ends With Us in Without Merit so osvojile nagrado. Po knjigi Confess pa so posneli televizijsko nanizanko. 
Colleen je skupaj s svojo družino leta 2015 ustanovila The Bookworm Box. To je škatla, ki jo lahko kupijo knjižni navdušenci, vsebuje pa podpisane knjige pisateljev iz celega sveta. Ves izkupiček od prodaje pa nameni v dobrodelne namene.

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