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Release Blitz: UNTIL by ANNA B. DOE

Title (Naslov): Until
Author (Avtor): Anna B. Doe 
Series (Zbirka): New York Knights, book 2
Genre (Kategorija): Contemporary Sports Romance (sodobna športna romantika)
Cover Design (oblikovanje naslovnice): Emily Witting, Emily Witting Designs and Photography

Release date (Datum izida): January 5th, 2018 (5. januar 2018)

In the war of wills, broody football player finds his match in a beautiful supermodel. What could go wrong?
V vojni volje nogometaš najde svojo boljšo polovico v prelepi manekenki. Le kaj gre lahko narobe?

Until is kind of darkish and sexy story about two people who don't believe in love, yet can't escape falling.
Until je malo temačna in seksi zgodba o dveh ljudeh, ki ne verjameta v ljubezen, vendar ne moreta, da ju ta ne bi ujela.

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I was betrayed by those who I loved. Those who I believed in. It was the first and the last time I let myself love someone outside my family. A little girl grew up and opened her eyes. Love makes you weak. It makes you wish for the thing you can't have. It makes you vulnerable, and I swore I will never again go down that path.

Until I met him—Jack Daniel Shelton. 

She left me. She ruined me. The day I found her gone I promised myself I’ll never let anyone have that kind of hold on me. Especially not a woman. Now she is back. No matter how much time has passed, no matter what I tell myself, her hold on me is still strong. There is also a secret she’s been keeping from me. A secret I can’t escape from, but a secret I can’t turn my back to either. A secret that could ruin everything I worked for.

And then, there is her—Sienna Roberts—everything was just as it was supposed to be. That is until she walked in my life. 

Can two souls that lost faith in love find it in one another?

Bila sem izdana od tistih, ki sem jih ljubila. Od tistih, ki sem jim verjela. Bilo je prvič in zadnjič, ko sem ljubezen namenila nekomu izven moje družine. Majhno dekle je odraslo in odprlo svoje oči. Ljubezen te naredi šibko. Prisili te, da si želiš stvari, ki jih ne moreš imeti. Naredi te šibkega. Prisežem, da ne bom nikoli več nasedla in šla po tej poti.

Dokler nisem srečala njegaJack Daniel Shelton.

Ona me je zapustila. Ona me je uničila. Tisti dan, ko je odšla, sem si obljubil, da ne bom nobenemu več dovolil, da ima tak vpliv name. Še posebej ne ženski. Zdaj se je vrnila. Ni važno koliko časa je minilo, ni važno kaj sem si rekel, njen vpliv name je še vedno močan. Tukaj je še skrivnost, ki jo ima pred mano. Skrivnost kateri ne morem pobegniti in skrivnost kateri ne morem obrniti hrbta. Skrivnost, ki lahko uniči vse za kar sem garal.

In nato je tukaj onaSienna Roberts—vse je bilo tako, kot mora biti. To je bilo preden je ona zakorakala v moje življenje.

Ali lahko dve duši, ki sta izgubili vero v ljubezen, to najdeta drug v drugemu?

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“We meet again, baby doll.”   
“I’m no doll or princess, hot shot.” I lift my chin into the air. 
A soft chuckle falls from his lips. “What are you then?”
“A rebel, all sass, and attitude.”
His fingertips slowly touch my cheek. “For me, you’ll always be a doll.”
His words are soft caresses against my skin. I take a step back to break the spell his words left me under and narrow my eyes at him. 
There hasn’t been a man that affected me like that in … ever.
I don’t know what it is about J.D., but every time he’s near I lose myself to him. 
Johnny calls out and breaks our staring contest. He leads us through different poses, every one sexy but sophisticated. 
J.D.’s hands move over my body—it’s nothing like it was that night. They are on my waist, back, or somewhere on my arms. It’s simple and professional.
But his hold is like I remember it—firm and strong. 
The palms of his hands are not soft and taken care of like most of the male models, they are rough and chapped. Hands of a man that actually uses them for a living. When they trace my skin, in the most innocent of touches, they make me shiver in delight and my insides clench. Awaiting.   
He can feel it. I know he can. I heard that bastard chuckle softly behind me.  
I can feel the heat of his body all around me, it’s radiating off of him, and sometimes, when he has to stand right behind me, I can feel his hot breath on my skin. 
We don’t say anything at all, we just do our job. But I can feel it. This something building between us.
Sexual tension. 
I never sleep with the same man twice, but something about him calls to me. 
Makes me want more. 
One more touch.
One more kiss.
One more night. 
Until this passion inside me is extinguished completely. 


“You’re hooked from the get go, two broken people find each other and boom! A spark is formed and you’re a goner. A love story, you'll be thinking about long after the book is done.” – Socially Book Nerd

“This is their story... it has secrets. It has hurt, betrayal and broken hearts. Determined to never feel. To never love. Until.....each other” – Emergency Book Blog

“I loved this story. I was hooked and didn’t want to put it down. They both had baggage but in the end it made them grow closer together. What an amazing love story. Can’t wait for the next book.” – Jade

“Captivating book about trusting yourself and finding love.” - Author Stephanie Gresham

You can read first two chapters for #free here (na povezavi lahko preberete prva dva odlomka zastonj):


What to know how it all started?
Želite izvedeti kako se je vse skupaj začelo?

Lost & Found (New York Knights, book #1) 
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I don’t know what I want to do with my life. The only thing I am sure of is that this is not what I imagined my life to be. So, instead of staying and trying to figure out what is wrong, I choose to run away. I choose the unknown. I choose the adventure.
My name is Anabel Majer, and I’m lost.

Ne vem več kaj si želim početi v svojem življenju. Edina stvar v katero sem prepričana je, da si takega življenja nisem predstavljala. Namesto, da bi poskušala ugotoviti kaj počnem narobe, sem raje pobegnila od tega. Pustila sem se v nevednosti in izbrala pustolovščino.
Moje ime je Anabel Majer in sem izgubljena.


ANNA B. DOE is an indie author of the contemporary romance novel Lost & Found and Until (coming January 2018). She has bachelor’s degree in Education Science and Spanish from University of Zadar. She works full time in an office and gives English and Spanish classes in her free time. When she’s not working for living or writing her newest book you can find her reading books, watching TV shows, or traveling the world. She is addicted to coffee and a big lover of dogs. Anna writes what she loves to read, which is romance. She is currently working on various projects. Some more secret than others.

ANNA B. DOE je neodvisna pisateljica sodobnih romantičnih romanov Lost & Found in Until (izide januarja 2018). Diplomirala je iz znanstvenih študijev in spanščine na Univerzi v Zadru. Zaposlena je v pisarni, v prostem času pa poučuje angleščino in španščino. Ko ne dela in ne piše, jo najdete kako bere knjige, gleda televizijske nanizanke ter potuje po svetu. Je tudi velika ljubiteljica kave in psov. Piše take zgodbe, ki jih rada tudi sama prebira in to so romantične. Trenutno dela na raznovrstnih projektih. 

You can easily find Anna online (Anno lahko najdete na spletu): 

Happy reading, Knjigoljubka Maja

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